General Chairs
  • Joyce Ho of Emory University
  • Andrew Beam of Harvard University
Program Chairs
  • Matthew McDermott of Harvard University
  • Emily Alsentzer of Harvard University & Brigham and Women's Hospital
Track Chairs
  • Track 1
    • Mike Hughes of Tufts University (Track Lead)
    • Yuyin Zhou of University of California, Santa Cruz
    • Rahul Krishnan of University of Toronto & Vector Institute
    • Jean Feng of University of California, San Francisco
    • Samantha Kleinberg of Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Tracks 1 & 2
    • Elena Sizikova of Food and Drug Administration
  • Track 2
    • Lifang He of Lehigh University (Track Lead)
    • Tom Pollard of MIT
    • Carl Yang of Emory University
    • Yu Zhang of Lehigh University
  • Track 3
    • Sanja Šćepanović of Nokia Bell Labs (Track Lead)
    • Stephen Pfohl of Google
    • Dimitris Spathis of Nokia Bell Labs & University of Cambridge
Proceedings Chair
  • Bobak Mortazavi of Texas A&M University
Technology Chairs
  • Huan He of Harvard University
  • Jiayu Yao of Harvard University & Gladstone Institutes
Virtual Chair
  • Brian Gow of MIT
Communications Chairs
  • Ioakeim Perros of HEALTH[at]SCALE
  • Anil Palepu of Harvard University & MIT
Logistics Chairs
  • Monica Munnangi of Northeastern University
  • Tasmie Sarker of Association for Health Learning and Inference
Uncoference Chair
  • Jessica Gronsbell of University of Toronto
  • Rui Duan of Harvard University
Finance Chairs
  • Edward Choi of KAIST
  • Harvineet Singh of New York University
Doctoral Symposium Chair
  • Tom Hartvigsen of MIT


Thank you to our 2023 sponsors:

  • ApolloMed
  • Dandelion Health
  • Genentech
  • Apple
  • Sage BioNetworks