Doctoral Symposium Talk: Serifat Folorunso

Serifat Folorunso

Abstract: Dr. Serifat Folorunso's (University of Ibadan, 2019) research focuses on augmented survival data analysis using modified generalized gamma mixture cure models (GGMCMs) for cancer research. In particular, Dr. Folorunso's work examines generalizing traditional GGMCMs to better account for the acute-asymmetry in survival data by using a gamma link function. Dr. Folorunso's model demonstrated superior performance to a traditional GGMCM as well as other kinds of survival mixture-cure models on an ovarian cancer dataset from University College Hospital, Ibadan. Dr. Folorunso's has also investigated works examining additional aspects of survival models, as well as social determinants and impacts of neonatal health.

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